Busting Botox Myths, Finale

This is the conclusion of our series debunking common myths and misconceptions about Botox treatments.

We hope you learned a lot! Of course, there are more myths out there. You yourself may have a few questions of your own. We suggest leaving a comment or coming into the office for a consultation.

Myth: If I use Botox over and over, my body will develop antibodies or a resistance to it and it won’t work anymore.

Very, very unlikely. Although this has occurred when Botox is given in very high doses for many years to treat disorders such as cerebral palsy in children, the phenomenon is exceedingly rare when Botox is administered for cosmetic purposes.

If you’ve had Botox treatments and found they didn’t work, chances are the physician didn’t give you enough Botox to get an effect. It’s important to go back to your doctor a few weeks later, if the Botox doesn’t seem to work, so the doctor can determine the cause and, if needed, give you a touchup.

If you are new to using Botox, it’s important to understand that the neurotoxin treatment may not totally obliterate all your wrinkles when your face is at rest. In our experience, however, you should notice that with time and repeated treatments every four months or so, even the most stubborn lines vanish. That being said, there are instances where we have to combine Botox with filler to erase deep lines, such as deep glabellar lines at the top of the nose, between the brows.

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