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Dear Dr. Gotkin,
Thank you so much for your immediate help following my fall and subsequent head crack! So many people commented on your skill at stitching me up, leaving me with virtually no scar except what I notice which resembles a wishbone. I can’t thank you enough for the help – other than a lifetime of loyalty as a patient. You are truly a “mensch.”
– Francine B

Dear Dr. Sarnoff,

In many ways, growing up in a large family was like living excerpts of the novel, ‘Lord of the Flies.’ But, it grounded us, and provided my brothers, sister and I with essential life skills:

  • Life is hard
  • Be kind
  • Share what you have
  • Tell the truth, and
  • Never put your name on anything you’re not proud of.

It’s because of these skills that when taunted by peers for my masculine voice, being too tall (5’9″ in grade seven), being underweight, or flat-chested, it was easier to ‘Let it go …’ Move on and focus on what’s positive in life. It wasn’t until recently, when I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my nasal tip, that I questioned the validity of these taunts. Was I ugly? Was I really ugly, and no one whom I trusted, told me? How could I have not known this? My god! This whole time, were ‘they’ right? At age forty-three … I. FELT. Ugly. This feeling contradicts all of the lessons I’ve learned and skills my family had equipped me with. Nonetheless, it was there, pushing its way to the top of the thought pile.

Then, Dr. Sarnoff, you happened. I thank you for healing me – from the inside, out. Thank you for giving me back my Polish nose. The same nose that my Mom has, and her Mom had, and her Mom had. The nose that connects me to each of the strong, beautiful and resilient women in my family. I smile BIG today, with restored confidence, as I look in the mirror, mindful of the many important life-lessons passed down to me from my family. And, I feel – dare I say – PRETTY, for the first time in my life.
You have a truly remarkable skill-set and it has been such a special gift to me.

Forever Grateful,

Michele Lanzone-O’Shea


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