What To Expect From Your AceLift

Results from an AceLift are often immediate. Remember, there are different components of the AceLift. Some components have virtually no recovery time. If your AceLift includes only Botox®, fillers and topicals, there is little to no downtime.  The 90-minute package of procedures that includes laser resurfacing might leave you with about a week’s worth of skin redness and swelling.

Regardless, you will need to maintain the results throughout the years after an AceLift. Depending on what procedures you have in your AceLift, maintenance might be as easy as applying topical creams and sun protection, or it might require occasional injections with Botox®and fillers.

There is no botulinum toxin invented, as of yet, that lasts longer than about four months. “However,” Dr. Sarnoff says, “I can say from experience that the longer you do this, the longer results last. It’s as if we’re re-training your skin and muscles to behave the way we want them to. After a few maintenance injections with a neuromodulator, you might go six months without needing another, and even this could change. Researchers are working on longer-lasting botulinum toxin alternatives.”

The story is much the same with fillers. There is scientific evidence that even temporary fillers promote new collagen formation, which helps results last longer. What this means to you is that, with time, you might not need as much filler to get the same result.

And new lasers come out every day. The truly wonderful thing about an AceLift is that it continually evolves with the times, with Dr. Sarnoff adding new technologies and approaches as they become available.

Of course, expectations are based on the procedures you have during an AceLift. But, in general, you can expect to see visible signs that your skin is thicker, smoother and feels more elastic than before.  You can expect a visible lifting effect and tighter skin. You can expect fewer visible wrinkles, lines, spots, and blotches.

You can expect to be satisfied.  Best of all, if you choose not to have your entire face and neck treated, you can focus on specific areas which may be of the most concern to you, such as the eyes or mouth.


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