Busting Botox Myths, Part II

As we mentioned last week, there are many myths floating around out there about Botox.  Here are a few more of the mistaken ideas we’ve heard repeatedly during our years of practicing medicine followed by facts based on our years of extensive research and experience.

Part 2


I can’t feel my face!


Does the fact that we’re weakening the muscles’ contractions mean you won’t feel that part of your face?


The human body has motor nerves, charged with moving us, and sensory nerves, which help us to feel. Botox only blocks motor nerves. It doesn’t do a thing to sensory nerves. If you have bangs on your forehead, you’ll still feel them after having Botox. If you’re blow drying your hair, you’ll feel the wind from the blow dryer on your face. If you scratch your forehead, you’ll feel your fingernail. There is no numbness caused by Botox.   Despite the jokes made by late night TV comedians, you still “feel your face!”


Oh, my gosh! I have to do this for the rest of my life!!!


I’ve heard the concern that if you don’t continue with Botox, your face might fall or be worse off than before you were treated with Botox. This is simply not true.

No one is making you do this for the rest of your life. You might have only one treatment only to find out that you don’t want anymore. If that’s the case, you’ll go back to looking the same way you did before the Botox – you certainly won’t look worse. You could just choose to look marvelous for special occasions such as weddings, big business meetings, vacations, class reunions etc.

The Botox will slowly diminish and disappear. If you use Botox sporadically, I recommend getting it about a month before a big event, for optimal results during that event.

Here’s the really good news:  it’s just the opposite of what you might think.  If you stick with Botox, i.e., do it habitually about every three or four months, it can “retrain you.”  What does “retrain you mean?”  Some people can go six months or longer without another Botox treatment because not using specific muscles makes the lines go away.

Stay tuned! Next week we’ll address a few more widely spread myths about Botox.

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