Filling is an Art

There is an art to using fillers. It’s not just a science. It takes finesse and an aesthetic sense. The skill of the ‘filler’, i.e. the hand behind the syringe matters more than the choice of filler, i.e. the product. Make sure the person filling and sculpting your face is a physician with a track record, who has an aesthetic eye, an aesthetic sense and can do beautiful work.

Don’t rely on commercials or other advertisements when choosing a doctor. Rely on what you can see and feel. Meet that doctor in person. Is he or she artistic? Have you seen the cases that he or she has done, and have you talked with patients?

A master painter chooses the best combination of colors from her palette to make her creative vision come alive on the canvas. Similarly, an expert physician wields an array of various fillers to reshape, contour, and volumize your face to give it a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

Using dermal fillers, a skilled doctor can take a face that has become like a raisin in the sun and make it into a plum. Not a ‘moon-face’; rather, a youthful, more angular face that radiates a healthy glow.

So don’t settle for just anyone who claims to know how to use fillers. Seek out a true master. An artiste. The difference could be between mediocrity and a Da Vinci. Choose wisely…You only have one face.

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