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If there is anything Father Time is rough on, it’s our hands. In an ongoing struggle to maintain the appearance of youth, we utilize an endless stream of creams, moisturizers, serums, and peels. And yet, while the wrinkles around our eyes may get a lot of attention, many times it’s our hands that are a dead giveaway to our true age.

In comparison to men’s hands, women’s hands have thin skin, which makes them age faster. Additionally, the tops of our hands face outward and get a lot of sun exposure over time – unlike the palms, which are made of thick skin that faces toward the body and is protected from the sun. To add insult to injury, the tops of our hands are chronically exposed to the elements, which can lead to dry, chapped hands, especially as the weather gets colder.

We spend a small fortune on weekly manicures, beautiful rings, bracelets, and watches, but if our hands are not aesthetically pleasing, what’s the point?

Here are 3 handy tips you can use to get the great looking hands you deserve.


Problem: As we age, brown spots begin to appear on the outer aspects of the arms and tops of the hands. These, flat, brownish tan spots, also known as age spots or liver spots, result from chronic exposure to the sun. The body’s natural response to sun exposure is to overproduce melanin in order to protect itself. As we age, the pigment cells in our skin clump and collect in localized areas and accumulate on the skin.

Professional Treatment: Traditionally, age spots were treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen, applying acid washes, or using bleaching creams. These techniques served to lighten the spots, but not eradicate them. Now, age spots can simply be zapped with a pigment-specific laser, such as the Q-switched ruby laser. If you are considering this laser treatment, it is imperative that you see a board-certified dermatologist skilled in this technology in order to avoid permanent white marks or scarring.

At Home: Remember to always apply a high SPF-sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) to your hands after treatment to avoid the development of additional spots.


Problem: Similar to the skin on our face, the skin on our hands gets thinner and looser with age.

Professional Treatment: A series of treatments with the right laser – for example, fractional resurfacing with the SmartSkin+, can effectively tighten and thicken the skin. These types of lasers release energy that penetrates beneath the skin’s outermost layer to stimulate the body’s own natural collagen production, resulting in firmer skin. Healing is quick and requires minimal downtime.

At Home: Nighttime home treatment should include a vitamin A prescription cream such as AceLift Night.


Problem: Veins are greenish-blue in color and become more obvious as the overlying skin thins with age. There is no need to remove these veins. Today, we have wonderful fillers that can be easily injected through the skin on the top of the hands to add bulk that covers the veins. The filler is injected with a tiny needle that causes virtually no pain.

Professional Treatment: And example of one of these wonderful fillers is Radiesse, a filler made of calcium hydroxlapatite crystals (the same natural mineral found in our bones). It can be injected in a single visit for instant correction which lasts for one to one-and-a-half years! Sculptura (poly-L-lactic acid) can also be injected over the course of a few sessions to slowly bulk up the thickness of the skin.

At Home: Be sure to wear cotton-lined or rubber gloves when doing housework and keep moisturizers such as Eucerin or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream near every sink in your home to reapply after washing your hands.

All of the professional treatments we listed above, involving lasers and injectables, can be combined in just a single visit. The emergence of new laser technology and advanced fillers has made it possible to dramatically improve the appearance of unsightly veins and restore fullness to your hands. But please don’t forget to wear outdoor gloves, especially made of leather, during winter months for maximum protection. And keep that moisturizer handy.

If you found these tips useful and would like to give the appearance of your hands a helping hand, contact us today!

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