Laser Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are one of the most mobile and expressive features of the face. But as we get older, loose skin and wrinkles can cause them to lose some of their vitality. With laser eyelid surgery, we can rejuvenate your eyelids by reducing puffy eye bags and loose skin.

Who Can Benefit From Laser Eyelid Surgery?

Laser eyelid surgery uses the same device that is commonly used for laser skin rejuvenation. The laser replaces the scalpel traditionally used in eyelid surgery, allowing the doctor to perform ultra-precise incisions.

Candidates for laser eyelid surgery have:

  • Puffiness or bags underneath your eyes
  • Wrinkles, loose skin and fine lines around your eyes
  • Discoloration underneath your eyes
  • A chronically sad, tired or fatigued appearance

Laser eyelid surgery can give your eyes a more youthful, rested appearance. For most patients, the procedure is an excellent alternative to traditional eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). While the surgery may benefit adults of all ages, the average patient is 35 years of age or older.

To find out if you are a good candidate for laser eyelid surgery, please contact us to schedule a personal consultation. Be prepared to discuss factors such as your medical history and cosmetic goals.

Laser Eyelid Surgery in New York

Laser eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure (meaning you’ll be able to return home the same day as surgery) that requires local or twilight sedation. Surgery is typically completed in 30-45 minutes. Treatment can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.

Once you’re comfortable, we use a CO2 laser beam to perform small incisions within the folds of your upper lids or near your lower lash lines. Next, we carefully remove, remodel  or tighten the underlying tissue, fat and muscle. The incisions are then closed using extra fine sutures.

After Your Laser Eyelid Surgery

Because the laser creates such precise incisions, the recovery is often more tolerable than traditional eyelid surgery. A shorter recovery with less swelling and bruising means you get back your routine and enjoy your results faster. Some mild swelling and bruising during your recovery is normal. You may also experience temporary soreness or tightness around your eyelids which can be controlled with prescription pain medication. The treatment areas will remain slightly pink or red in color for several weeks, but you should be able to return to work and other normal routines within 5-7 days.Your final results will be long-lasting and in some cases even permanent.

Like any cosmetic procedure, laser eyelid surgery has risks. We will discuss these risks with you in detail so that you can make an informed decision. Because the laser seals and coagulates blood vessels (unlike traditional eyelid surgery), laser eyelid surgery has reduced risk of complications such as bleeding, infection and scarring.

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