L is for Lasers

Laser lipolysis®

Dr. Sarnoff uses laser lipolysis® in an AceLift to target and melt away fat in the neck and under the chin, because fat in these particular areas contribute mightily to an aged appearance. Not everyone has this issue.  Younger women, or those who are very thin, might not need this part of an AceLift.  But if you do believe you need it because of excess skin and fat in your neck and jawline, worry not. Laser lipolysis® will re-sculpt your profile, neck, and jawline, leaving you with a far more firm and youthful shape.

Laser lipolysis® is a less invasive approach to neck rejuvenation than a facelift or liposuction.  A tiny fiber-optic beam of light, as thin as a strand of uncooked capellini, is inserted into the neck.  The heat from the laser will not only melt the fat, but will stimulate the undersurface of the skin to make collagen and elastin, helping to tighten the sagging skin.

While everything else in an AceLift can be done in one appointment, laser lipolysis® needs to be done about a month before the rest of the AceLift, and requires two to three days of recovery time. Many of Dr. Sarnoff’s patients prefer to have this procedure done on a Friday for weekend healing.

Here’s the really great news: You probably will never need laser lipolysis® again! Typically, it’s a one-time procedure —— it does not need to be maintained. This bears mention because there are other aspects of the AceLift, including Botox® and filler injections, which may need to be repeated on an individual basis to maintain results.

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