New York Plastic Surgeon Produces Natural Results With The Natural Lift

A New, Minimally Invasive Facial Procedure Defies Gravity

New York – February 15, 2007 – Jowls, marionette lines and a sagging midface and neck. These may be an inevitable part of the aging process, but board-certified plastic surgeon Robert H. Gotkin, M.D., has perfected the right solution: The Natural Lift, a minimally invasive yet very effective facelift, gently lifts the neck and cheeks and softens the nasolabial creases and marionette lines with minimal inconvenience and reduced downtime.

In contrast to the more horizontal pull of a conventional facelift, the Natural Lift corrects the effects of gravity by lifting the neck and cheeks vertically, resulting in a more relaxed, natural look – not the “wind tunnel” of the past.

Dr. Gotkin, voted one of the Top Doctors in New York for the past ten years, says, “The incision is short, the facial tissues are elevated vertically and the skin is removed in such a way as to leave nothing more than an inconspicuous scar.” Gotkin goes on to say, “A Natural Lift is great for both men and women; there is no scar behind the ear or down the hairline on the neck. This is a clear benefit for men or for women who like to wear their hair up in the back. In addition, for excess fat in the neck, Smartlipo (laser-assisted lipo) is used to melt the fat and re-contour the neck.”

With the Natural Lift, the results are less “operated” or artificial – more natural. Because of the shorter incision and minimally invasive nature of the procedure, it can be completed in half the time of a conventional facelift. No general anesthesia is required; the Natural Lift can be performed under light sedation with local anesthesia.

According to Dr. Gotkin, “If you’re bothered by the sagging of your face and neck, but don’t feel that you’re quite ready for a full facelift, the Natural Lift may be just the right lift for you.”

About Dr. Gotkin

Robert H. Gotkin, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Director of Plastic Surgery at Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery, LLP. With over 20 years experience in aesthetic facial surgery, Dr. Gotkin has offices in Manhattan at 625 Park Avenue and on Long Island at 31 Northern Blvd., Greenvale. Dr. Gotkin has been voted one of NY’s “Top Doctors” for more than 10 consecutive years.


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