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Lipo Comes of Age with the Body-Jet ™

New York – April 13, 2009 – No matter how much we diet and exercise, fighting the eternal “battle of the bulge” is a struggle for many.  Have you ever wished you could shed fat from one area of your body while simultaneously adding “volume” to another? 

That’s precisely what the revolutionary Body-Jet can do!

The new, FDA-approved Body-Jet uses a technique known as water-jet assisted liposuction to gently sculpt your body like the ocean’s waves shape the sandy beaches.  Ideal candidates are men or women, between 18 and 55 years of age, with the presence of fat in the abdomen, arms, neck, hips, flanks or thighs.

While traditional lipo requires a lengthy “pre-infiltration” phase, in which large quantities of tumescent fluid (a very dilute saline/local anesthetic solution) are introduced into the areas to be treated, the Body-Jet uses a water spray technique to gently dislodge fat cells for removal.  This novel approach eliminates the need for the traumatic suction that is typically used with traditional lipo.  Fat is virtually washed out of the body without the use of “brute force.”

Robert H. Gotkin, M.D., Director of Plastic Surgery at Cosmetique and a board-certified plastic surgeon, has perfected the Body-Jet technique.  Dr. Gotkin says, “compared to traditional liposuction, a Body-Jet treatment takes less time and, because it is much more gentle to the tissues, there is less bruising, swelling and pain associated with the recovery.  Complications are few and normal activities can be resumed more quickly.”

Best of all, if you want soft tissue “volume enhancement” somewhere else on your body at the same time as your liposuction, the Body-Jet opens up a whole new world to an increasingly popular technique – the transfer of your own fat.

The Body-Jet removes fat in a pure state, which means it remains alive and viable.  If you so desire, the fat can be removed from one area and transferred to other areas of the body for soft tissue volume augmentation and contouring.   According to Gotkin, “fat removed from your hips or thighs can be placed into your face or buttocks – even your breasts – to enhance your appearance.  It can even be used to fill the dimples of cellulite.”

With the Body-Jet, technology has reverted back to one of the most natural substances found on earth:  water.  Treatment is gentle, minimally invasive, offers rapid recovery and outstanding results.  

About Dr. Gotkin
Robert H. Gotkin, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Director of Plastic Surgery at Cosmetique Dermatology, Laser & Plastic Surgery, LLP (  With over 20 years experience in body contouring and aesthetic facial surgery, Dr. Gotkin has offices in Manhattan at 625 Park Avenue and on Long Island at 31 Northern Blvd., Greenvale.  Dr. Gotkin has been voted one of NY’s “Top Doctors” for more than 10 consecutive years (Castle Connolly).


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