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Dr. Sarnoff and Dr. Gotkin have been on the forefront of laser technology for their entire careers.  Having conducted and published studies on various lasers over the years, and continuing to this day, they maintain their cutting edge in this exciting and rapidly changing field.  In addition to writing scientific articles for their peers, Dr. Sarnoff and Dr. Gotkin have published books on cosmetic laser surgery for their patients and all of you, titled Beauty and the Beam:  Your Complete Guide to Cosmetic Laser Surgery and Instant Beauty:  Getting Gorgeous on Your Lunch Break (St. Martin’s Press).  Although they are familiar with a wide array of lasers and laser procedures, in no small part because there are quite a number of cosmetic lasers on the market, they have the experience and expertise to narrow the choice of what is best to use at Cosmetique.  When it comes to facial (or body) rejuvenation, there are four specific types of laser technology that consistently provide the most excellent results:

While each of these laser procedures has a role in the rejuvenation process, for many Cosmetique patients, more than one is required to reach the cosmetic goal. Over the years, Dr. Sarnoff and Dr. Gotkin have found that these laser services in New York, and the procedures they help to perform, work in synergy with the fillers and BTX-A. These laser technologies complement one another and work in concert with the injectables to fulfill the wishes of the Cosmetique patients.


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